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Serving The Hill Country Area

Llano, Kingsland, Smithwick, Fredericksburg, Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, Spicewood, and more.

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Construction Debris Cleanup

If your construction site is a mess. Give us a call, fast and easy solution that you can trust. No job too big and we keep in mind the money you spend on quality materials. We make sure not to do any damage whatsoever during our operation.


Trash Trailer Rental

We have 16 foot trailers ready to be filled with trash or construction debris! $425 per load. Dropped off whenever you need it, and picked up when full or after 5 business days. Whichever comes first.


Brush removal / Haul-off

Whether it's an unexpected storm,, or you just did some tree-trimmimg in the yard. We haul off brush. (Max 10 Acres)


Pressure washing

Tired of looking at dirty, black walkways, and a moldy house? Let's take care of the problem using the correct chemicals and sealants to be sure the materials being washed are not damaged or dirty again right after we leave! Give us a call or inquiry today to get a power washer scheduled.


Junk Removal

Hassle-free, convenient, fair priced Junk Removal. We treat your site or home like it’s priceless. Once we are finished You won’t even know the junk was there or us! It’s why customers return to us time and time again. Learn why our team is known for its trusted professionalism!


Card board recycling 

Everyone knows when it comes time to recycle, you put out your green can along next to the trash can, then what happens? They dump it in the same truck!!! Using R&T Waste Management we will guarantee your recycled material actually gets recycled! Don't trust a big company charging you for a separate can they put in the same place anyways!

Cardboard Sheets
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Everyone needs trash hauled away, whether you are a landlord and have a house tenants left messy, or you would like to rent a trailer, give me a message and we will give you a quote fast!

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